Last day on the ship

Last day of the cruise was at sea and it was fairly choppy!!!! This gave us the opportunity to feel the benefit of the motion stabilisers which are fitted to the ship and in my opinion they certainly made some difference – this was was impressive.

This was placed in our cabin – yes it is a towel!!! but folded to be like a monkey 😉 it is impressive what the cabin staff can do with a mere towel 😉

Each evening we had some very nice flowers set on our table. It seems that virtually nothing is too much trouble trouble there is attention to even the smallest of details!!!

Below is our Waiter and Assistant Waiter who served us a dinner time. The two chaps were extremely good company and friendly whilst also providing the best of table car. We wanted to leave them with a memento of our week with them so we were able to obtain two “See you Jimmy” hats which you can see them wearing below 😉 Great sports for sure !

Trains and Boats and Planes!!!!!

As is now customary we set of on a mystery tour with our good friends on June 12th. We had a great day full of surprises and even took a Taxi to an island 😉 See below…..

As you can tell by the faces in this photo a great time was had by all 😉

Here is a link to the photos!!!!