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More on Broadband performance – the Ring Wire

I have been doing some work recently to try to resolve poor broadband performance.  I though it would be worth recording my experience and the eventual outcome – if you are interested – read on! Initial problem In the village … Continue reading

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T – Shirts – thing of the future ;-)

Check this article out which provides details of a new dimension to clothing. The T Shirt featured cans sense if there is a WiFi network in the near vicinity and also indicate what the signal strength of it is. Click … Continue reading

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What Ofcom have to say about UK Broadband

Further to my last post and in the interests of clarity fairness, see here what Ofcom have to say about UK Broadband as of 26/09/07 Click here Here are the highlights In general the picture for broadband take-up in the … Continue reading

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Broadband really does crawl in the UK

Thanks to Jack Davidson my colleague at Learning and Teaching Scotland for pointing out the following article which refers to the performance of Broadband Services compared to the rest of Europe. To read the article click here. The report to … Continue reading

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Fibre to the home in Amsterdam

After reading John Connells comment on my last post I decided to explore the situation in the Netherlands. I very quickly found the following site which provides information about the Citynet Amsterdam project. This project aims to deliver fibre connections … Continue reading

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