T – Shirts – thing of the future ;-)

Check this article out which provides details of a new dimension to clothing. The T Shirt featured cans sense if there is a WiFi network in the near vicinity and also indicate what the signal strength of it is.

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Also linked into the article is another story about how BT is encouraging its broadband subscribers share their connection with other nearby WiFi users. The methodology sounds pretty feasible with a wireless router configured to have two WiFi network one which is private for the owners use and an open on which can be used by any member of the ‘Fon’ community. I would hope that this means that some one if tracking the use of this open service so that any misuse can be attributed to the visitor not the owner ( should any take place). Also how is the host user compensated for traffic usage if the visitor starts using the host bandwidth to perform large downloads – is this free??? There is scope for further investigation here.

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In view of my previous posts about the quality of broadband service in some places in the UK I am not actually convinced that this would actually a very attractive approach. Lets face it if a home user is subscribed to an ADSL service then they are already contending for up stream bandwidth!!! I we know the sort of effect that this can have on the user experience. This could introduce another level of contention on the link up to the DSLAM at the Local Exchange. I don’t think I will be rushing to subscribe. Mind you I suppose this could be a good thing for friendly visitor to the home – but then I can give them access and already do without making my network open to all an sundry!

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