Leaving Baku – flight problem

I left Baku to travel to Warsaw today. This involved a very early start (6.15am) from the hotel, a taxi ride to the airport then a queue to check in followed by a queue to pass through passport control then boarding – all this occurred on time. Having boarded the aircraft it then proceeded to leave the stand on time. At this point I drifted of to sleep. I was aware of some noise in the aircraft cabin – a baby was crying intensely.

To my surprise the aircraft seemed to come to complete stop and I was aware of an announcement from the cabin staff. I immediately became fully conscious and followed the rest of the passengers to disembark. It seems that the mother of baby had decided that she did not want to travel after all and insisted that the flight be stopped!

All passengers disembarked and were bused back to the terminal.

About 20 minutes alter we all went through the security screening and then were take back to the plane. When we arrived there we had to identify our own luggage which had been empted form the hold and places on the tarmac. Once back on board I resumed my sleep and the flight continued on the 3 hour leg to – of course I was rather concerned about my connection from Istanbul to Warsaw! As it happens we landed in time for me to see that flight to Warsaw status set to last call. So I had to run through the airport ( which I have never seen before) to the gate and board the flight! Phew!!!!

Probably the most interesting thing about this was to total lack of any attempt but the Baku ground staff to provide an explanation about this incident.

Of course I might sometimes feel a little anxious when traveling alone to a destination that I have not visited before! This was a baptism of fire for sure! That said it all worked out OK in then and I am now at my hotel in Warsaw having room service since I don’t have a traveling partner today! I will be meeting with new colleagues for meetings over the next couple of days!

Just as well that you cannot see what is ahead till it happens!

Another first tonight!

Room service delivered on a trolley with a flower! See below 😉