Birthday – A special day ;-)

I know it’s been some time since I have posted here. Life is busy and facebook seems to be most easy these days! However, since its my birthday I decided that I would use this post as a short time for reflection! Since I am now in my mid 50’s I am thinking that I can no longer consider myself as young – but to be honest I do not feel any older than I did when in my 20’s 😉

50 odd years is a quite a long period of time and for the very young a person of this age would certainly be perceived as being “old”. But that is not how I feel. It’s true that my bones and tissues are beginning feel their age but in mind, I defintely do not feel “old” at all.

As I take time to reflect over my years, I realise that I have many blessings which can be counted. I have been very fortunate to have had a satisfying career – first as a teacher, then lecturer, IT consultant and now as a Vertical Solutions Architect. The details of any of these jobs are not so important but to be honest I can honestly state that there has never been a day when I have woke up and did not look forward the work day ahead – in short I have really enjoyed my work in each and every job I have had! I think that when I was planning my career my ambitions were modest – I really expect that having secured a job as a techie teacher – that was me setup for life. But not so!!! Interestingly, each of my career moves were unsolicited – in as much that on each occassion where a significant opporuinty came along it was not as a result of me applying for the job! How grateful I feel when I see the sort of difficulties that the young of today had in trying to get established on the career ladder! No longer does a university education guarantee a job! It seems that most workers these days can expect to have a number of jobs during their working life and event then not necessarly in their chosen career area!!

On the social and family side – I am also most fortunate!!! My life partner and wife Mary has been with me since we met when we were both 17! Remarkable to think that having met and dated we were engaged to be married within a year of our first date 😉 I recall that I did ‘fancy’ her when I first saw her but thought that she was older than me and therefore not an available option! As it turns out she is actually about 6 month younder than me. During our time together we have so many blessing to count 😉 A very happy marriage – we have had 34 complete married years together and will celebrate our 35th anniveriary next month. I could not have chosen a better partner – I am so graetful that we were brought together. This must surely have been Gods will for us!

We have three children ( Fiona, Linda and Philip) – what a blessing that has been! Bringing up children can be interesting but it is so satisfying to see them mature into young adults and make their own way in life! Each time we are able to have our family together I am reminded just how nice these people are – it’s a genuine pleasure to have them around. I should not neglect to mention our son in law Richard – how wonderful it is to see him and Fioina happily married and building their own life together. We also now have two grand dogs – Abbie and Hollie – that don’t say much but its always nice to see their waggly tails!

Had I had the option to plan my life – I really do not think I could have planned a better one!

This is not so much true in terms of my own achievements! But its really more down to the people I am surrounded with. I could not imagine being in a better place right now and I hope that this situation can continue – God willing.

I will close now by stating my eternal gratitide to my family and friends through who the years who have made my life the joyeous time that it has been. You know who you are so I will not start to list names here! I cannot end this without mentioning family and friends who have gone on before – their impact is still real although they are no longer with us!

“Thankyou God for giving me the people who surround me and mean so much to me both in happy and more so in more challenging times.”

May all who read this know this be touched by the Ruach of God as I know I have been.

James May Buchan 3th June 2011 – 55 years young today!

My very special people – ignore me 😉

Happy Birthday to Linda ;-)

It’s Linda’s ( my daughter ) birthday today – last week on my own birthday she drove all the way home from Glasgow to be at home for my birthday – that was a great surprise and very much appreciated. Today its her birthday – and unfortunately we cannot be together so I have made a short video message for her so that she will hopefully not feel too lonely today.

So lots of luv and hugs and happy birthday Linda xxxxxx

I thought it would be a good idea to add a few photos below 😉

Linda and Mary on holiday at Crovie – Abbie in foreground 😉

Linda and Abbie at home in Glasgow – a very young Abbie – yes Linda is quite young too 😉

Linda resting after having been walked by the dog 😉

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