Brurj Khalifa

Visited this building today which is now the tallest in the world at 828 Meters!!!! The photo above is the best I could manage – I needed wider angle lense to get it all in that this range! I wanted to show how it dwarfs the surrounding buildings each of which is pretty tall!!!!

The effect in the photo below is pretty much like it looked – taken from the base of the tower!!! Note the shadow effect in the sky which seems to correspond with the tip of the tower!!! I could explain this effect!!!!!

Dubia short visit

Now moved from Riyadh to Dubia – late night flight and arrived here in hotel at about 1.30am – so after a short sleep it is time to have breakfast and head to the office for todays meetings. Picture below shows the view from the hotel window. I think it will be much warmer here compare to the last few days. Temp here a far cry from those being “enjoyed” back home at the moment with 5 inches of snow reported last evening ;-(