Kuwait City

Now in Kuwait City for another round of meetings. Arrived in the dark and been in meetings all day so have not had much of a chance to be outside. There have been desert storms here so so the air is full of sand/dust. The sun is obscured and its impossible to see more than about 5 – 6 hundred meters. The effect is like see mist like we get often back in Scotland but this is caused by desert dust. The hotel is right on the Gulf coast but visiblity is so poor its is impossible to see much of the sea.

Hotel room picture below.

Unexpected Stop Over – Charles De Gaul Airport

Travelled to Riyadh via Paris – at least that was the plan. Unfortunately the flight from Aberdeen to Paris was delayed and I missed my connection. This meant I had to await a few hours at the Paris airport before flying to London Heathrow to get another flight to Riyadh. I was very impressed with atmosphere at the Paris airport which is spacious relatively un-crowded. I was also impressed with the design of the departure lounge – which is basically like a big oval tube lying on its side. Here are some photos I took during my wait time.

Some firsts from Mexico City

It is my last day in Mexico City so I though I would post a few firsts!!

On the right here you see the sign which is posted next to each of the lifts in the hotel I stayed in ! As you can see it describes the procedures that need to be followed in the event of an earthquake!!! First time I have been in a place where this was necessary!!! Make you think for sure!!!!

Second first below! Yesterday I came to breakfast and put my jacket over tbe back of my chair as I usually do! Went to get some food from the breakfast buffet and when I cam back my jack has been moved by the waiter and placed on a low level jacket hanger!!! Neat I thought 😉

The last first here is the presnetation of the toilet roll in the en suite for me room. As you can see very elaborate andnicely done – I could not bring myself to use the upper one and used the lower one in stead.