Puzzle – Doors to nowhere!

During the course of my travels this week I passed through Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands twice. Each time I visit that airport I am intrigued by the doors which you find in various parts of the terminal building. See below!

The interesting thing about this is that the doors do not prevent access or permit access to anywhere! They are are positioned in the middle of the terminal corridor and are not aligned across the corridor but are in line with it! So if you pass through a door you simply move from one side of the corridor to the other! So why are they there? If anyone knows the answer please comment and let me know the answer!

I have thought about why they are there and the only explanation I can come up with is that the whole door assembly can be rotated through 90 degrees so that they align cross the corridor to act as fire doors or to isolate the terminal corridor from the main terminal building ( for security or fire prevention purposes). But is this right????? I intend to research this further when I next pass through Schiphol Airport as it buggs me each time I come across them! Of course I am usually in a rush and only recall this source of irritation when it is too late to investigate!

I do hope that there is a simple and logical explanation!!!!!

Any suggestions or explanations welcome 😉