Keswick 09 – last post!!!!

Well it is now Friday morning and I am sitting making my last blog post about our Keswick camping holiday! I wanted to use the following photo which shows us all packed up and ready to head home! This was taken at approx. 7.30am on Wednesday 29th July which was actually three days prior to our planned departure! You will see from my last post that the conditions on the camp-site, after a very stormy night of rain and wind, were not good! So we decided to pack up and leave for home early. You can see in the photo below the condition of the ground on which we were living 😉

In fact there was considerable media coverage concerning this with the story about the situation making the national press. To think that the Met Office had promised a Barbeque Summer – well they seldom seem to get it right and this summer was no exception!!!!! This is the first time in about 20 years of camping in the Lake District that we have had to leave early due to the weather.

You can see the BBC footage about the event here and also some clippings from the newspaper press coverage here Police warning.

This news even made the Times National Newspaper on the Thursday morning!!!!!

Mary pointed out the following video which I think is really appropriate and I can testify that the effect created is very much like being under canvas when the rain comes….. Once it starts playing – close your eyes and listen carefully.

During the course of our time in Keswick we were quite pre-occupied with the weather. Because we were online it was possible to follow the weather forecast almost hourly and we used a couple of Web Sites to do this. The Metcheck site seemed to do well in providing a good account of what was happening. The link in the last sentence is setup to show the forecast for Keswick but you can put any UK post code on the site to get your local forecast.

We also discovered the Environmental Services Agency web site which provides details of the flood alert conditions around the country including Keswick of course – click here to view.

So our holiday is over, we are back in Kemnay and the tent has been erected and dried out and is all ready for next years annual holiday in Keswick – yes we will be going back again! It will take a little more than a little rain to dampen our spirits! But we will be praying in advance for a dry spell next July/August which would be a real bonus. I have to admit that it was nice to get back home to Kemnay and to enjoy what has been a few very nice days with mostly warm and sunny weather 😉

I have published an album of the photos I took during this period in Keswick which was for us very memorable 😉 You can view the album by clicking here which contains photos from almost every day of the week and a half break!

Of course I am still on holiday and will remain in this mode until next Monday when I return to the work routine.