Some photos of Linda in her younger day ;-)

I just wanted to add a few additional picks of Linda from her younger days!

In this photo you see Linda – in the push buggy and Fiona her big sister at the helm! Just look that cheeky face!!!! Always full of cheeky fun is Linda !!!!

This might have been the first time that he get her self behind the wheel of a car! Thankfully, this one was on a track so no chance swinging from side to side what ever you did with the wheel!!!! Just as well as she is clearly distracted with something??? Not paying attention to the road 😉

Again clearly excited about something – I cannot recall what now 😉 Perhaps someone scored a goal???

A more pensive moment???? I remember that pretty red and white dress – it suited her very well! Linda is always a deep thinker – seems like she has something on her mind here!

And more recently another pensive look – or perhaps just a bit tired after a day at one of the theme parks in Florida 😉

But here she is laughter abounds and giggles too 😉 I think we just did a big ride together 😉 Happy days!!!!