Anniversary Celebration with our family

The 8th July is our wedding anniversary as I reported in the last post to my blog. Mary and I had a very pleasant treat that same evening when our kids took us out for a meal at the Broadstraik Inn, Elrick. Our whole family was there including Fiona and her husband Richard, Linda, Philip and his girl friend Laura ( missing from the above photo – we need to get that fixed). Laura is the most recent addition to the family pool and she is a real delight to have around 😉 We have to dogs too – Hollie and Abbie – they definitely becoming part of the family too.

Back to the family meal, we had a really enjoyable evening and the food and company was excellent – to be recommended if you are into rather large portions! I had Surf and Turf – first time for many years and it was brilliant 😉

I just wanted to note that having a relatively long marriage is a delight in its self – but having family like the one we have been blessed with is a real privilege without a doubt. Every one of them is unique and make their special contribution to the whole. It is a real privilege to have seen each of our kids mature from the little babies they were (vague memories of the first few weeks of life, interrupted sleep for feeding etc…)! Of course none of us are perfect and we all exhibit less ideal traits from time to time (infrequently I should add) – but the fact is that are all still essential parts of the whole family unit and we would be much poorer without any one of them 😉 Because we are family together we are there for each other at any time and the support provided starts from being paternal ( from parent to child ) but as ttime pass we start to see the support becoming a two way flow.

Who could have predicted all those 32 years ago that we would be where we are today? But there you go! We must continue to live each day to the max and never unduely worry about the future taking pleasure people that we are blessed to be surrounded with. A family starts of as a very close group of people but as the years pass, physical distance can become a separator but its wonderful to know that when we get together its like we were never apart 😉 Happily, we are able to do this on a fairly regular intervals and every time we are together serves as precious reminder of relationship that bind us together – where ever we happen to be.

Today Linda will head back to Glasgow where she lives and works for now and we will be apart again – but not for too long 😉

Another great occassion so roll on the next time we are able to get together as a family again 😉


“It was also called Mizpah, because he said, “May the LORD keep watch between you and me when we are away from each other.”
Genesis ch 31 v 49