Snow in Kemnay

Today I arose at 6am as usual and had my shower etc….. When I looked out side there had been some snow the ground was covered but only just. Less than two hours later and we have over 4 inches of snow on the ground. I had to get the camera out to capture the moment as you will see below the scene is very beauitful. Of course not so good for those who have to drive in these conditions. Fortunately I will be able to work from my home office today 😉

The view of my home from just across the road!
View looking down the river – trees laden with snow 😉

First Winter

When I awoke this morning – I went to my desk and this is the view that greeted me.

Overnight we have there has been some snow fall – about 1 – 1.5 inches I estimate so winter has arrived and to think that just last week we were on a holiday cruse on the Adriatic where the weather was nice and warm (25 degrees). But this is typical Scottish winter weather – I expect that the snow will not lye for very long on this occasion but it is a sign of things to come as the winter months proceed.