Dog walk with a difference!!!

Well for the whole of the summer we seem to have had a dog staying with us. This has made an inevitable difference to our daily routine!!!! For me this has meant a daily morning walk with the dog just after breakfast! Yesterday, Abbie went home to Glasgow with Linda so we are back to the “normal” situation with no dog to look after! Funny feeling as my body was telling me that it was time to take my morning walk – but with no dog as an excuse! I did feel the benefit of these walks to decided to go in any case…….

First, I needed to find some poo bags after heading in the direction of the cupboard I remembered that there was no dog, so no need for poo bags! Then, were is the dog lead – opps again remembered that there was no dog!!! So I put my jacket on and headed for the river as usual!! Photo of me just before I set off!!!

Michty me this dog has some pull!!!!!