New Window for Bathroom

It has been a while since I wrote here about the bathroom project. I have been busy but progress has not been as visible as during the early phases of the project. However, last week on Friday the new window arrived so there was a flurry of activity on Friday evening and Saturday morning. So the photo above shows the window aperture with the old window removed and below with the new Window installed. The new window is fully reversible for easy cleaning which is a great improvement on the old system.

At this stage there is still some finishing work to be done and we now have a wooden slatted blind ordered. Notice that we have elected to have a plain glass window so that we can get the benefit of the view over the river Don and Fetternear Estate which are just across the road. I expect the complete the project this coming weekend so watch this space for the final account of the project 😉

Almost part of the Scottish Parliament building

Today my wife went to visit the Kemnay Quarry as part of a school delegation. This is the place where the granite material used to build the infamous Scottish Parliament Building. She was given, as a souvenir of her visit, an off cut from the actual rock that was trimmed to form the blocks that are now incorporated in the building in Edinburgh. I have been in the parliament buiding only once and I have to confess that I was surprised to see that the internal walls are made of plain grey concrete. It is finely polished – but not my impression of a suitable decorative material for such a building. Here is the rock sampl

Glowing in the snow!!!

I used to work for Learning and Teaching Scotland as it’s Chief Technology Adviser. At this time I was responsible for the technical aspects of the Glow project. I am always keen to keep in touch with the project which is now being rolled out across Scotland.

There is a news letter which is now published regularly and there is always something of interest there to read. I highlight here an article of the latest Glowing newsletter about how school pupils in Shetland were able to use Glow to continue their work when the school was closed due to adverse weather – click here to read.

I have to confess that when I went to school – if it showed and the school was closed, the last thing on my mind was to do schools work – much better to get the sledge our and get involved in snowball fights etc…. That said well done to the teacher and pupils there for this excellent application of technology to support learning.