OneDrive App on iPad

I am now using OneDrive on my iPad and want to use this post to highlight some basic things that I have discovered.  There are two One Drive Apps for the iPad called OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.  As I have described in a previous post the existence of these two shared drive services can be confusing.  The situation on the iPad is further complicated since OneDrive can actually support OneDrive for Business shared drives.

My current strategy is to try to use only the OneDrive App to access the two OneDrives have setup one of which is a OneDrive for Business.  I will record further observations in this post.

Observation 1 – I note that it is possible to move files between folders as follows – first click and hold the file you need to move – this will reveal a radio button alongside the file icon, ensure this is selected and then click the folder icon at the bottom tool bar.  You can now select the folder to which you want to move the file to.

Observation 2 – I wanted to move a file from a folder back to the root of the one drive – there seemed to be no way to do this as the root does not show up as a folder when in move mode.  However if you simply click on the folder icon on the toobar with no folder selected the file will relocated to the root of the OneDrive.