‘Armud’ cup of tea with a difference

During my first day in Baku I have tasted a number of things for the first time. At lunch time we enjoyed some typical Azeri food including a range of herbs and meats. I tested camel meat which was I have to say very pleasant indeed.

I was intrigued to have tea served in a uniquely shaped class. The glass is called an Armud and I was told that this is a traditional story about why it is shaped like it is! The story states that if the tea is served very hot that that wide top allows it to cool so as you sip form the top of the class the tea is cooler and easy to drink.

I do think there might be some truth as I reminisce on a traditional Scottish custom. I remember my own grand father decanting hot tea from his cup and into his saucer. The idea here is that by putting the tea into a saucer it would be spread out more and the increased surface area would allow it to cool easily. You could also blow on it to accelerate the cooling effect. He would then drink ( or slurp ) it directly from the saucer. Thus was a habit that disgusted my Grandmother who was not slow to rebuke him when he did this!! I do not think I have see this done for at least 25 years – an old habit which seems to have died out.