Glow and Best OS/Office version/Browser versions

I have been doing some research into the best configuration for workstations which are used to access Glow. A key component of Glow is O365 which is a continually evolving service. This is on the face of it a good thing but also has implications for the best workstation configuration to ensure that access to the cloud services work and also that the integration between cloud and Workstation is as good as possible.   Of course it is possible that users may be using O365 and other Glow services using a workstation which may not support the most ideal configuration.  I have seen users experience some issues with when invoking the full office applications in Office 2010 – particularly in relation the users authentication and document synchronisation.

As a general principle keeping the workstation up to date will ensure the best user experience.

The following links are useful in trying to ensure that the best possible configuration can be achieved – this in turn should lead to the best possible user experience.

If you are a home user you will have the opportunity maintain the workstation software at will – in some cases upgrades can be freely downloaded – others will be pay for!

Note that you need to be a logged in as a Glow user to view some of these links

How to change the look on a SharePoint Site – Glow 2015

The following video shows the process needed to “change the look” of a SharePoint site.

How to hide the name of a WebPart on SharePoint Website page.

1 Load the page on which your Promoted links web part is displayed
2 Click on Edit – top left of window
3 Select the promoted link web part you want to hide the web part name
4 Using the small down arrow on the top left corner of the web part ( you need to hover there to see it )  choose Edit Web Part from the drop down menu
5 Click on Appearance
6 You will see the Title of the Web Part there – you can change this buy over typing it.
7 Delete the current title
8 Enter a single space to ensure that there is one character in the field.
9 Click Apply to make the chance and check that it Looks OK
10 Click on the OK  ( at the bottom of the edit pane)
11 Click SAVE – top right top make you change permanent.

How to change the background picture on a SharePoint Site.

1  Have a suitable jpg file at the ready.
2  Access the site you want to make the change to.
3  Click on the cog wheel – top  right
4  Choose change the look
5  The current look/theme will be selected
6  Click on the current look
7  On the left under where is says “Start Over” you will see a square box with the words “Drop an image here”
8  Drag your jpg file to that  box.
9  Click on the Try it Out  button.
10 If its OK keep the change

You can remove the image later by accessing the same screen an clicking the remove button which is under the square box.