Morning – Walk the Dog!

Weather today a little duller! Light rain which is not too surprising for the Lake District 😉 Started the day with feeding the dog and then our morning constitutional to the lake and along the designated dog walk. Now today was a pretty special day as Abbie did a No 2 whilst in the dog walk route which is just what is supposed to happen. Up until today it has been her custom to wait until we get back to the nicely cut grass of the camp site before deciding to perform! It would seem that she has some royal blood in her and therefore will only soil what seems to be a well prepared piece of grass!!!!

Whilst on the dog walk route which follows the lake side we were able to see Catbells from a slightly different angle again. So we took the obligatory photo – see below. At this point the weather was dull but dry. I do not think it will be a good day to climb the ridge today! Better to wait for dryer day I think!

180 degrees turnaround a this spot and the view is of Skidaw – at this point we can see the summit which is often not the case with low cloud often obscuring it. This is a hill I have never climbed but always planned to do so! Will this be the year when I will make it? No Philip ( son ) with us this time so will have to do it alone if I do! Or perhaps find a friend who is willing to make the trip. Both Catbells and Skidaw are an easy walk from the campsite we are staying on so there is really no excuse for not making the climbs!
Well better get back to the daily routine – as I write this in the tent is sounds like its raining quite hard – it always sounds heavier that it is when you are under canvas!