Fond Memories ;-)

The weekend my son and his friend wanted to paddle on the river from Kemnay down to Inverurie. So we had to get the old canoe out and make it water worthy!!!! It had been lying in the garden for some time – a few years actually so it is really past it best!!!! However we were able to make it adequate for the task! After a few lessons they set off and then a couple of hour later I picked them up at where the bridge crosses the river in Inverurie.

This brought back great memories of my canoeing and kayaking days mostly back in the Borders of Scotland. Made me feel like I want to do some of that stuff again!!!

Perhaps I need to spend some time renovating the canoe – perhaps after the garage is finished I can move the canoe in there and get it sorted out!!!!

Garage Progress again

I was able to spend a couple of hours last evening working on the garage and as you can see the lower level cladding is almost done. Next work session will be on Saturday morning and I expect to complete the cladding at that time. Of course I still have to do the upper cladding as is very clear in this picture! The good news is that this will be done with 150 mm wide sarking boards which means that progress will be much faster. So watch this space 😉 Actually I still have to finish the eaves on the garden side – so I may just do that before starting on the upper cladding !!!

Garage progress

Well its been a while since I posted – but I have been busy putting in about 1 – 2 hours each evening after work on the garage. The builders were able to come back and lay the floor despite the awful weather at the time – that was a couple of weeks ago and we now have garage which feels much more like a garage with a floor that you can walk on 😉

Since then I have been working on the external cladding. Two walls are now fully clad now and yesterday evening I almost completed the walls around the main door. As you can see in the photo below I still have one wall to complete which should be fairly easy and quick to do!

In the mean time we have had the birds trying to set-up home in the garage 😉 Fortunately I have now managed to get all the “bird access spaces” covered in.

Last evening – 20th April we had snow again!!!!! Fortunately just a few showers which and the slow did not persist this time!!!

Moving into the garage!!!!!

No not me!!!!

A bird started to make its nest inside the roof of the garage – I really need to get the eaves sealed up!

It’s not that I don’t like birds of course – but I can’t have them nesting inside the garage and making to sort of mess that birds are good at making 😉

I should really post a new photo to show the current state of progress of works!!!