1 year since Mam passed away!

During our October break in Kemnay it was one year since my Mam passed away! We visited her grave and left some roses to park the occassion! It is remarkable how quickly time passes and it certainly does not feel like a whole year since she died. As you can see below the grave stone has been updated to include reference to both of my parents who died more or less 3 years apart.

Memories, memories!

Gamrie – October 2009 – a relaxing holiday!

We have just come back from spending a week at a holiday cottage in Gamrie – see more by clicking here. This is a recommended way to get away from email, twitter, the phone – including mobiles!!! no signal!
We had a few days with the kids and then a few with just Mary, me and Abbie the dog! A very relaxing time for sure – we had the luxury of a real fire so enjoyed stoking it and lighting it each day!!!

The following photo was taken from St Johns Church graveyard during one of our many walks. You can see clearly how the village is situated at near the shore line well out of reach from mobile signals and the like!

See more photos by clicking here!

A very relaxing time was had by all 😉 Roll on next October when we will be on a cruse ship sailing up the east coast of America – that will be somewhat different!