After the rain – getting warm and dry again!!!

After the rain we needed to re-adjust things a bit – we decided that move onto higher ground – so to speak! Here is Mary and Abbie staying dry! Now Mary has a habit of having cold feet! So here you see some improvisation using her fleece to to keep her legs and feet warm!!!! She is also enjoying a hot coffee and toasted fruit tea cake – yum!!

As for Abbie she is indifferent!!!! seemingly unaffected by the excitement of the last couple of hours!!!! As you can see she occupies her usual position cuddled into her favourite bean bag 😉

It is now 9.50pm and the camp site is starting to return to normal. Folks who are camping ( as opposed to caravanning) have spent the last while cleaning out water and generally trying to restore order and now you can hear the sound of children playing and other more normal sounds for a camp site. I should say that some caravanner’s also have problems especially where they have awnings attached which have been flooded.

Hopefully, tomorrow will bring some sun again and we will have the chance to dry things out properly and restore things back to normality again! The forecast is better so we hope that it is accurate on this occassion!