Garage Progress – NO more snow!!!!!!!

More snow – will it never end !!!!! At least the garage is more or less water tight. I spent a while last evening moving all my materials into the garage and undercover. So at least I can now look forward to working with dry materials. As you can see the wooden gable is more or less also done – just a bit at the top to complete. Looking forward to next Saturday so that I can progress this then – hoping also that the snow will have have cleared up by then. I also have some inside work to do so either way I should be able to make some progress 😉

Garage – excellent day of sunshine – all day ;-)

We still have show on the ground – but on Saturday 21st February – we saw an excellent day of blue skies and sunshine. It was still cold and the roof battens were still frozen but the nice weather conditions meant that we were able to make very good progress. Result is that the roof is now watertight and we were able to make good progress on building up the gable wall.

As you can see from the photo below the vertical posts on the top part of the gable are being installed and the cladding sheet being installed. By the end of the day the gable was almost complete with just a few more posts to install and some sheeting to apply!

Below is a photo taken on the Sunday morning which shows how close the gable is to completion. It is always very encouraging to get to a landmark stage like – making the roof watertight etc..

This of course means that I will be need to install some temporary lighting inside the garage as it getting decidedly gloomy in there now!!!

Thanks to Phil who spent the afternoon working with me on this very productive day – it makes such a different when you do not need to climb up and down to cut material and lift materials to the hight places – having those other two hand makes such a big difference 😉

As you can see in the photo below we still have some snow lying around – the temperature last night was about -7 degrees – which is cold 😉

Garage – another day of rain!!!!!

Saturday 6th February and the snow has finally melted so I look forward to doing some work on the garage but of course the weather had another delight in store for me!!! Rain, drizzle and more rain!!!!!!

However I put the boiler suite on a proceeded to work on the roof – my objective to complete one side ready for the Roof windows to be installed!

I was working solo so had to improvise to get the material onto the roof as you can see below – amazing how easy a rope makes things!

The to fix the ply panel in place!The apply the waterproof membrain and cross battons ready fo the roof tiles to be put inplace!!!

So another good days progress – just one row of ply pannels to fix – will it rain again???