Crovie – more information

There is a fair bit is history about Crovie (which I have always pronounced as ‘Crivie’) so I thought it would be worth providing some links to provide some additional context to my last post. When you Google for Crovie you will find many links to cottage lets but I have tried to pull together more informational web sites. Here they are 😉

Multi-Map of Crovie

An interesting descriptive page about Crovie

A page which clarifies the pronunciation of the word Crovie

Undiscovered Scotland: The Ultimate Online Guide

A Web page just about Crovie

Crovie on Wikipedia

A panorama from the end of Crovie Pier

A photo gallery of Crovie

The Crovie Preservation Society

An online Jigsaw of Crovie

Dolphin Stranded at Crovie

End of the Pier Show – bi-annual art show

Some very nice views of Gardenstown and surrounding area

Holiday – Crovie October 2007

We have just returned from a very enjoyable and relaxing holiday at Crovie.

Crovie is a coastal village on the Moray Firth coast of Aberdeenshire. It was like taking a few steps back in time I have to say. For a start you cannot drive your car to the door of the cottage – you have to carry your belongings along a narrow path which is between the houses and the beach and is at times no more then about 1.5 meters wide. A wheel barrow is provided for each house to assist with this process. Here is a picture of the cottage taken just as we were arriving. We stayed in the terracotta coloured one.

The cottage was very comfortable inside as can be seen in the next photo.

Most nights we were treated to a stunning sunset which we tried to capture with the camera. To be honest the camera simply does not do the scene any real justice – here is one of my attempts.

We had a really enjoyable week and certainly managed to ‘chill’ a lot! A delight to be in a location where mobile phones don’t really work very well. It’s amazing how much we seem to depend on that technology these days! I suspect that we will be back there again sometime in the not too distant future 😉

To see some more photos Click Here