Abbie’s Rainbow

30th March 2007 – 8th September 2016

dsc_0112Abbie passed away on 8th September 2016 after a long struggle with a heart condition which caused here considerable destress on ever increasing frequency.  She will be missed greatly particularly by Linda who’s was her “Mummy” since Abbie moved to live with her in Glasgow all those years ago.

Abbie has been in our family for about 9.5 years.  She was one very affectionate dog she did like to find the best seat in the house despite being told many time “a dogs place is on the floor” (DPIOTF).

img_2959 We will all remember her very affectionate cuddles – she loved to climb onto your lap and then put here front paws around you neck and then she would wail/cry – there was no doubt that this little dog definitely had a strong connection with the humans who were close to her.  Even after a few months of not seeingher she would always pick up where she left off.

We will miss the Skype sessions we regularly had with her when she could come close to the computer screen and listen intently to what we were saying from the other end.  She definitely know us and recognised us even when presented on the computer screen.

img_5513I will fondly remember our summer walks when she come to stay in Kemnay when linda was away on summer mission or on holiday.  She hada habitual itch – she would scratch her site with her back leg even whilst walking along – so walking with three legs!!!!.  When walking in a safe area I would often let her of the lead – she would always walk well behind be sniffing in every corner.  She would fall further behind until I would hide from her site behind a tree or similar.  As soon as the realised I was not to be seen she would increase her pace and toddle along till she would find me in my hiding place.  And so it would continue until we would reach the half way point – this seemed to apply regardless the length of route we were on – she would then lead the way home!!  It was as if she instinctively knew exactly where she was at any time and know when we on the homeward track 😉  She would ofter find a stick during the walk which shewould carry all the way home – we would have a collection of such sticks accumulating at the back door!!!  I should clarify that the above pile was not Abbie’s doing 😉

There is no doubt that even tho a dog is an animal, that share many of the emotions of a human and they undoubtedly “understand” human feeling – Abbie showed this so many times. I remember times when she would see that one of here humans was upset and she would move close to offer support, consolation and comfort.  This was true and plain to see right up to and including the few minutes prior to her peaceful passing.

img_5769Abbie was a sister to Hollie and seemed at time to hold the position of  “top dog”, there was no doubt that Hollie was always happier visiting our home when Abbie was not around – Hollie seemed to know her pace and would know how her place when Abbie was around.  I think that despite this dog order they loved each others company and enjoyed having a sleep over from time to time.

Abbie was definitely one of the family and she will be missed for so many reasons – See below she is sitting on Linda’s lap.


When we were traveling to see Abbie for the last time we saw this rainbow which I am called Abbie’s Rainbow – it reminds me of all the happiness what Abbie has brought to our family and Linda in particular.


When travelling to Inverness to see Abbie for the last time we saw this rainbow – this is Abbie’s Rainbow.

img_6095I am happy to Abbie is now free from the pain and discomfort she suffered in recent months but she will be greatly missed.

R.I.P.  – Abbie.


Above is a picture of Abbie and Ethel – now both at rest!!!