Barbara Dickson – sings in Aberdeen

My wife received a different birthday present! Two tickets for a Barbara Dickson concert at the Music Hall, Aberdeen. Now we would have listened to Barbara some ???? years ago but have not heard her for some time. So this was an interesting choice for a birthday treat 😉 In any case we went along and I have to say that it was a fantastic evening. She sang an interesting combination of material, some of her old hits mixed up with Lennon and McCartney , Dylan and others. She also did quite a few Celtic pieces.

I have to say that her band was outstandingly talented.

She sang the whole programme with no supporting act so it was a real feast. I was also very impressed with the good sound quality. Sometimes you go to an event like this and it is spoiled by an over zealous sound engineer. But this was certainly not the case on Sunday – the supporting team need to be complemented – everything was clear and undistorted and easy to listen to – then again we were in just about the best seats in the building so that tto might have been a factor. I see that Barbara has a web site which has a performance of ‘Tell me its not true” published through YouTube.

Click here to have listen.

One thing that was a little disturbing was the age profile of the audience.. it was certainly a fairly mature bunch 😉