Global Sales Meeting – San Francisco

I have been in San Francisco at my companies Global Sales Meeting. This is a very intense two days which used to brief the sales teams from all around the world. This year for the first time the number of attendees is less because the USA and Canada staff will attend a separate event next week. However, the number of people attending is very considerable. See the photo below which shows the exibition room which has been setup to serve breakfast. As you can see there is a considerable amount of people attending – and this probably shows just over half the attendees

The second photo below shows the main meeting hall which was used for senior staff to address the whole company. The audio visual set-up was awesome with no less than 10 screens placed around the hall and one very large central screen which served as complete back drop for the stage area. Each screen was ( I estimate ) to be 30 feet tall!

Also to day in San Francisco the temperature was record breaking with temperatures over 100 degrees. It was 102 degrees in San Jose where I go next on Monday. Thankfully the meeting rooms were air conditioned and comfortable.