1 year since Mam passed away!

During our October break in Kemnay it was one year since my Mam passed away! We visited her grave and left some roses to park the occassion! It is remarkable how quickly time passes and it certainly does not feel like a whole year since she died. As you can see below the grave stone has been updated to include reference to both of my parents who died more or less 3 years apart.

Memories, memories!


This weekend I was able to visit my Mam and Dad’s graveside. The grave stone had been removed from the scene to have an inscription added about Mam who passed away last October. I wanted to view the gravestone to confirm that the inscription had been done to our requirements. I think that it is quite self explanatory with the exception of the word right at the bottom which is “Mizpah” – this has a special meaning, in fact my Dad had a wedding ring band which had this word inscribed on it.

This is what it means:-

“And Mizpah; for he said, The Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another.”

you can read a more detailed explanation here

Feels like the end of an era!

A serious blast from the past!

This is my first post of 2009 – hopefully it will not be the last!

I wrote back in October about a song my mother would have sung. The song was called “God Hath Not Promised” and I said in that post that she would have sung it as a duet with my Dad.

When we were going through my mothers possessions we came across many cassette tapes which contain a wealth of sentimental recordings. I have actually started to digitise these tapes so that I can publish them through a Podcast, making them available to other family members.

This example of Mam and Dad singing together is one of only a few which are preserved on analogue tape. The recording can be played back by clicking the link below! The quality is not very great – but it is never the less its an icon of an age which is now very much in the past since both my mother and father have passed away.

(you will need a suitable MP3 player application like Quicktime to listen to this)

Click here to listen

I intend to publish more example of this sort of thing – here is the URL for the Podcast which can be used to subscribe to it using iTunes or a similar Podcast reader. http://homepage.mac.com/jimbuchan/Podcasts/JBpodcast.xml