First Post using WordPress

I have just moved this blog from Blogger to WordPress. I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised how easy this was. WordPress conveniently provide a tool which allowed me to specify URL for my original blog and the tool in about 5 minutes imported all the posts and comments – this was very easy. This said I am not on a bit of a learning curve as I explore a much more complex maintenance environment.

Education Fast Forward Debate ( EFF Debate )

The third Education Fast Forward debate was entitled “Making Learning Relevant” – I do not want to deal with the subject matter here but rather to share some photos of the event and to give some information about how this complex multi location event was arranged.First here are some photos of the event in progress.Click HereThe event took place using a combination of Cisco Telepresence rooms and WebEX. Most of the live participants ( 22 in total ) attended at 13 Cisco TP rooms around the world.

Cisco TV also supported the event by streaming it live on the Cisco Ustream.TV channel.

Click here to view the recording of the event.

This resulted on an average of about 50 concurrent listeners/viewers as the event proceeded. Whilst the live debate took place there was also a conversation about it taking place on Twitter.

The Tweeters would typically be waching the live web cast on Ustream.TV and adding their own comments to the Twitter hash tag which was #effdebate. Of course whilst the debate was proceeding some of the live participants were also contributing to the Twitter stream.