Some more pictures from San Francisco

I was able to spend some time in the tourist area of San Francisco – Pier 39 at Fishermans Warf etc. This was an interesting day – first time that I have had the chance to see this part of San Francisco. We walked in and around Pier 39 and visited the Aquarium.

We then discovered that there is a World War II American Submarine called the USS Pampanito which we could board and view which we did – this really very interesting – click here for more information about the sub and the Maritime Museum in general. To see how the sailors had to live and work in very confined conditions was really interesting. We then went on to board a Liberty Ship which is actually still operational and does occasional cruses etc. It has a steam powered Tripple Expansion engine which we were able to see a close range – absolutely amazing to see this feat of engineering and appreciate its scale etc…
You can read more about the Liberty ship S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien – click here

I did take a few photos as you might expect which can be viewed by clicking here

This was a very enjoyable day in the company of my friend and colleague Jochen.

San Francisco – architecture

I have been pleasantly surprised by the building architecture here in San Francisco. When you are walking around the streets – you are in a large city – crowds of people all going somewhere! But when you look up the building are generally tall and are decorated in various ways! The photo below is of the hotel I am staying in at the moment – note the colour first – green! actually really helpful when you are walking in the area as its easy to spot from a distance. Also the ornate decorations around the windows – very nice indeed.

Today most people will be heading back home again but I have another appointment here early next week so I will need to stay here for a few more nights before moving on to San Jose on Monday! I am hoping that in the next two days I will be able to get some time to see a bit more of the city and Bay area. Hopefully, I will be able to take some good photos 😉

Global Sales Meeting – San Francisco

I have been in San Francisco at my companies Global Sales Meeting. This is a very intense two days which used to brief the sales teams from all around the world. This year for the first time the number of attendees is less because the USA and Canada staff will attend a separate event next week. However, the number of people attending is very considerable. See the photo below which shows the exibition room which has been setup to serve breakfast. As you can see there is a considerable amount of people attending – and this probably shows just over half the attendees

The second photo below shows the main meeting hall which was used for senior staff to address the whole company. The audio visual set-up was awesome with no less than 10 screens placed around the hall and one very large central screen which served as complete back drop for the stage area. Each screen was ( I estimate ) to be 30 feet tall!

Also to day in San Francisco the temperature was record breaking with temperatures over 100 degrees. It was 102 degrees in San Jose where I go next on Monday. Thankfully the meeting rooms were air conditioned and comfortable.

Brussels – business trip

This is my first business trip after the summer vacation break – I am attending a meeting at the Cisco Brussels office. It was a very interesting couple of days – but unfortunately I was not able to take many photos – work routing too busy! In any case I was able to take two photos which are posted below. The first one is one of the buildings of the Cisco office complex.

Here is the hotel I stayed in which is very conveniently situated right next to the Cisco – so it was nice being able to walk to work in the morning! Both of these photos were taken from the same spot so you can get an impression how close the two building are.

Unfotrunately, this was to be the first trip where I was to secumb to a tummy bug!!! I think that it was something that I eat as one two others in the group were also affected. So not the best thing to remember this trip by!! I had to spend the second evening in my hotel room drinking nothing but H2O- not a nice feeling at all! However, these things pass and all will be well again. Today I am traveling home – still not feeling 100% – but will get there I am sure!!!!

Balloon Flight – Failed again ;-(

I went for a walk with Abbie ( the dog ) and look at the photo below which I took sowing apparent perfection conditions for balloon flight! What the picture fales to show is the moderate wind levels!

Today was to be the day that I would take to the air in a HotAir Balloon. If you read this blog you may have noticed my earlier post on the topic where I say that my children had given me this for my birthday present 😉 The arrangement for a morning flight you need to phone the booking line at 11pm the night before the flight is due to take place to confirm that it is still on. Last night was beautiful – clear sky’s and no wind so I was optimistic that it would be indeed happen this time.

However, the Met Office was predicting wind conditions which were incompatible with safe balloon flight. So I have to book again – which I have done and the new date set for early morning on Friday 5th September – lift off at Castle Fraser which about 2 miles from my home. So all fingers crossed that the conditions will be suitable on that occasion.

I am of course happy to wait for ideal conditions as this a “once in a lifetime” opportunity and I do want to get some really good photos of the country side which surrounds Kemnay where I live.