8 Meg ADSL operational

When I arrived back yesterday evening I spent a short time catching up with email etc. and noticed that the performance of my link seemed vary good. On checking my router config this morning I note that the free upgrade to ADSL has been implemented which is great news. I did a speed test to compare to the performance I was getting prior to upgrade. Here are the results.

As you can see it is better than the test published in my last post. I am coming to the view that it is necessary appreciate the importance of the term ‘up to’ when reading about ADSL services. The service I have now is ‘up to 8 Meg’ so the 1915 kb/s and 379 kb/s I see in the test must be acceptable. I can certainly feel the difference between this service and my previous service.

I decided to do some more reading into the issue of backhaul from the local Exchange, I found the following interesting reading.