Evening in the Sun

It has been a great day here in Keswick. Initially, is was raining cats and dogs. The sort of morning that makes you want to stay in bed when you are camping under canvas. Then Richard and Fiona arrived unexpectedly which really did brighten up the day 😉 Also the rain soon stopped and we have had a really nice day weather wise too. As can be seen below we had dinner outside in the evening sun – excellent!

So we have had a great day but then so have the dogs – yes we now have two with us in the tent. They also see to have had a nice day! See below how they have assumes their usual rest position. It is now early evening and they have both decided its time to have a rest time! It’s a dogs life they say!!!! These dogs seem to have a very carefree life is you want my opinion!!!

Penguins basking in the tropical sun ;-)

I thought this was brilliant when it was broadcast on the morning of 1st April 😉 The BBC had Sir David Attenborough being interviewed live in the studio to discuss this amazing discovery!!!!

And they say “the camera never lies” – no more!!!!!

Interesting stat – this clip on Youtube was viewed 72,963 times in the 24 hour period since this was first broadcast on the morning of 1st April 2008.