Car Crash – What could have been!!!!!

Today started off as a pretty normal day! Got up at 6am as usual, had shower, breakfast and then sat down at my desk to work. All fine so far. I had an appointment to attend at 2pm and my day was scheduled to allow me to make that appointment 😉

Just after 9am I went down to have a coffee with Mary my good wife. She has been a bit under the weather this last week after a touch of food poisoning. In any case we were just sitting and discussing the day ahead etc……

Then my mobile phone rings which is usually work related. Conversation at my end goes something like this!!

“Hello!, (pause) OK where are you?, (pause) Are you OK?,

“OK then – phone the police and get them to attend” (pause) I am on my way see you soon – just phone me if you need to”!!!!!

By this point Mary is very concerned – she fears that Philip our son has had an accident with the car – he is travelling to University with his friend!!!!!!

I explain – “Philip is OK, He has been involved in a road traffic accident but OK! His friend who was travelling with him is OK too!!!!”

These words are not really any source of consolation! But I get my things together and head off to the scene of the accident.

When I get there about 15 mins later, the traffic is tailed back. I cannot see the scene – I worry about what I was going to find!!!!

Eventually, I get to the scene and I see the car – it has spun and skidded off the road then accross a pavement and down a 45 degree slope – about a 15 feet drop in all, and rolled 5 – 7 times before coming to a stop facing the main road.

See below!!!!!!!

Further investigation reveals that there is not a single undamaged panel on the car!!!! In fact its remarkable that the occupants were able to walk out of the car without significant injuries!

There was another car involved which had actually hit my sons ( wifes actually) car from behind causing him to spin and leave the road etc etc…….

Subject to insurance assessment I think its likely that the car is a write off!!!! Not good!!!!

As for Philip – well he has a very sore shoulder but seems to be OK otherwise – nothing broken for sure!!!! He will not be driving for a few days me thinks!

His parents – well we are relieved considering what could have been!!!!!! This crash makes the front page in the evening paper along with another accident where a motor cyclist was killed!!!!

One medic at the scene asks – “can Philip buy me a lottery ticket this weekend”???? His luck is clearly in!!!!! The professionals speculate that in other similar crashes – the occupants often sustain serious injury!!!!!

I feel that God was looking after him on this occassion and kept him and his passenger safe…. the other driver was also unscathed and claimed that he did not realise that he hit another car…..

So we give thanks that no serious injuries were sustained.

What could have been!!!!!!

View from drivers side ;-(