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Learning Environment – Components #EduScotICT #Glow2 #Glew

Learning Environment – Components Preamble: (Sorry that this is a long post – but there is quite a lot to say here) In light of Charlie Love’s recent publication of his proof of concept portal ( see and also  … Continue reading

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Trusted File Store – a Glow Future Service??? #EduScotICT #Glow2

I recently posted concerning the issue of Copyright Ownership and Cloud Based Services – you can read this by following this link A key concern here is that organisation like Google claim ownership rights over your data when a … Continue reading

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Posts around GlowFutures for easy reference #EduScotICT #Glow2

 Updated: 6th September 2012 It seems that I commented quite a few times in the last few months about Glow – the project which I worked on before taking up my current position.  I wanted to bring all of this … Continue reading

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Copyright ownership and cloud based services #EduScotICT

The following information was shared on Twitter some days ago and I wanted to make some related comments.!/jmacdonald/status/195184740209401856/photo/1 You need to follow the link and read the linked information in order to understand its significance.  Note what happens to … Continue reading

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