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EFF_LogoThe Education fast forward debate number 6 took place as planned on Monday 28th January 2013.  This time, and for the first time, the panel was joined by a live audience including Education Ministers and other government people from around the world.  This was made possible by having the panel located at the Westminster Central Hall where the Education World Forum (EWF) was taking place.  There were a number of contributions to the debate from the floor so that made all the effort of setting up that venue worth while.

In this post I want to reflect on the technical operation needed to make it possible to bring the Panel and audience at the EWF site into the live Telepresence Session.  Normally, all the participants are located in Cisco Telepresence rooms around the world – but on this occassion the EWF site needed to be added to teh Cisco Telepresence Network for the day.   See below some of the equipment and staff needed to make this possible. On the day we needed a total of 8 technical onsite staff including Sound engineers, Video Production staff, Networking engineers and the camera operators.  This team did a great job which allowed the live event to pass with out any problems.    The following two pictures show some of the equipment and staff needed to make the event a success.

DSCF6013Sound Engineer adjusting audio levels

DSCF6020Video producer mixing various sources to the live transmission


The following photos show the rest of the room setup with the panel at the front and two large monitors which displayed the remote debate participants and the live Twitter conversation which was taking place in parallel as people watched the simultainious live web video cast of the event.

DSCF6030The panel and audience at the Education World Forum site.

DSCF6023Two of the remote participants from San Paulo.

This post has emphasised the technical effort needed to staget his event but the real value in it was seeing now your people were able to join a debate with some of todays world Education leaders.  The event certainly lived up to title of the debate “From Learner Voice to Emerging Leaders”
I was able to publish a recording of the debate on Cisco’s Show and Share video portal which  which is avaiable below.  Please feel free to have a look to see what took place on the day – click the following link to view.