Memories of warmer times

I was looking through some old VHS tapes the other day and I came across some video material which I shot in Botswana. I could not resist digitising this clip which shows a close encounter with a Cheetah in the Mokolodie Game Park, which is very near to Gaborone. Along with a few colleagues I was able to go on a short game drive and I have to say that the high point was when we had a close encounter with some real wild animals. We were told that it is sometimes possible for visitors to enter the animal enclosure and get right next to the animals ( but only after they have been properly fed). I am not so sure that I could have done that. It was exciting enough to be touched by these wild beasts from the other side of a wire fence!
The cats purred just like a typical pet cat the UK and if you listen closely you can actually hear the sound of its rough tongue as it licks my fingers 😉