Boston 2010 Day 5

We spent Friday in Boston. As it was raining we decided to visit the Aquarium and also see a 3D movie. The movie was all about the Hubble Telescope and showed in 3D of the amazing photos it took. This was really mind blowing for sure.
Then we went to see the Penguins which was excellent. Did you know that Penguins live in South Africa???

The amount of interesting fish on display was amazing – see this example below. It was very difficult to get a decent photo!!!!! Here is one I will not throw away!

The the apex of the day!!!! We found Nemo – proof below 😉

So next stop if the Cruise ship Jewel of the Sea – Roll on!!! Well not literally I hope – we don’t
want too many rolls do we!!!!

Boston 2010 Day 4

We travelled back from Cape Cod via the scenic route which was absolutely fantastic. See the following map – we travelled as far as Chatham before turning on to the I93 to head back north The roads are very interesting in as much as they are fully lined with trees! So it almost feels like you are travelling in a tunnel with no roof 😉 Autumn is just closing in and the trees are of course starting to change with their leaves changing colour which is very nice – I think we were seeing – I did not get any photo while we were travelling but did get some at places we stopped along the way. The most interesting stop for sure what to see the Plimoth exhibit which included the Mayflower.

The first photo shows a native ( role playing ) of the Wampanoag indian tribe who were the original settlers of the areas click here for more information. Below you can see a canoe being made from a tree trunk using a burning and scraping technique.

Next we are able to see one of the tribe houses which has been build using traditional methods – here we see stripped tree bark sheet used to provide a water proof skin.

Then for the English settlers – their houses used also natural materials but the houses were more European in design. The people who are dressed in authentic costume were very happy to talk to us an answer questions about their way of life! This whole site is set up to be “not for profit”.

The Workshop was something to see with loads of early wood craft tools which were still being used to make furniture and chairs etc……
As part of the deal we were then able to travel along the coast abot 3 miles to see a replica of the Mayflower – called Mayflower II – she was made 55 – 56 and to complete the project many retired craftsman needed to be enlisted to work on the project – the completed craft was then sailed across the Atlantic to its now final birth. It is still sailed on special occassions.

We had a very comfortable couple of days of travel due to our 7 seater Chrysler which is pictured below at one of our stop off points during our journey back to Boston. This was a holiday with in a holiday!!!! This morning we will be heading by taxi to the docks where we will join the ship Dual of the Seas – I do hope to make some more posts during the next weeks assuming I can get some internet access – but we will have to wait to board before we know that position in that regard!

Boston 2010 Day 3

Day three in Boston and we have planned to take a car and drive to Cape Cod via Salem. This we did so after breakfast we set of on the airport shuttle bus to get get to Alimo where we pick up the car. First though we had our all American breakfast including self made waffles – very nice!
First port of call after picking up our hired car ( Town and County – Crysler – very comfortable ) we then headed for our first stop which was Salem. This place very famous for the fact that 33 supposed witches were executed there – according the story it seems that they were probably hiper youngsters and that the authorities there just over reacted. But this was a famous event in any case. Remember the TV program called Bewitched – see the star from that prog below!

The story of the Salem witches it told here are the Salem Witch Museum – very interesting 😉

We then carried on to Hyannis which was out bas in Cape Cod for the next 24 hours. Here is our hotel – again very comfortable. Had on of the best fish meals ever at a local restaurant here!!

And lastly here we have some local fishing boats – think of the Perfect Strom ( film ) see the similarity between this boat and the one featured in the film.

Day 4 we will be heading back north to Boston – more of this later!

Boston 2010 Day 2

Day 2 of our trip to Boston and we were up for breakfast at about 8.15am. Usual American hotel type breakfast with waffles, doughnuts and toast on the menu. Most enjoyable start to the day. Then we took the shuttle bus to the tube station and went into Boston centre and headed to the tourist information centre. After some investigation and some very helpful advice form the information officer we set of to walk the freedom trail. See below, the trail is marked on the side walks and road either by a redline or a reconfiguration of the brick work as it is in the photo below.

We started from Boston Central hall and then followed the trail through Boston crossing the river to get to the Italian region of the city.

The statue below is part of an exhibit out side the Borders bookshop which was erected to commemorate the large number of Irish people who came to Boston to escape their life of famine and poverty.
The three towers you see below are actually Bostons tribute to those who suffered and died in the Holocaust concentration camps there is one to represent each of these “death camps”

Along the way we saw some early evidence of the Boston fall. This photo being taken in Cambridge not far from the Harvard University campus.

Finally we arrived back at Fennial Market where we decided to dine at the Boston Hard Rock Cafe……

I did not succumb to buying the tea shirt but the food was great 😉 A great day with a lot of interesting history concerning the early days of Boston and of course Bostonians fight for freedom from the British settlers.

Boston Holiday 2010

Day 1 of our holiday was a travel day! Up at 3.30am, taxi to airport 4.15am then two flights from Aberdeen to Paris and Paris to Boston. All flights etc were on time and we arrived safely in Boston. Photo below is of the first aircraft, second was a 747 so all good 😉

Once we had arrived in Boston and checked into the hotel we then visited Boston centre and the Market area. Weather was fine and warm.

We then had dinner at “Dicks” we did not get the hats! But the food was fantastic. I had salmon and the other had selection of different fish dishes all of which were very much enjoyed. See the family at the adjacent table who were certainly having a ball.

So after a restful sleep and some time zone adjustment we are up and refreshed and now ready to have some breakfast before heading back into Boston to see some more sights.

Had some rain over night but seems that the weather could be good for the next couple of days. Can be tracked here