Martin Davies – sadly missed

Today is it one year since my good friend Martin Davies passed away. I have very fond memories of Martin particularly from the time we spent together working on the BIPP project in Botswana. We did become close friends and I was privileged to be treated like a member of Martins’ family during my stays in Botswana. So today I remember him and and also have thoughts for his wife Ok-Kyeong and his two children Thomas and Sain who I am certain will miss him much more than I do.
It was a real privilege to have known Martin and to have shared in what was only a pinpoint in his considerable life of achievement.

I said a bit more about him in my post from about a year ago

See below a picture of Martin an his family as I like to remember them together. Special people indeed.

Garage a real landmark point

Well, during the last week or so I have been back working on the garage roof. I am pleased to report that I now have all the tiles, bar 5 fitted. This has been hard and awkward work I must say – however it feels good to have gotten to this point. Now for the other side – like starting over again! Each of these tiles is fairly heavy ( each share meter is about 46kg which is about 8 tiles) to handle and of course every one of them needed to be lifted onto the roof and manhandled into position. I now have a few aching muscles and sore hands – but it has been worth it. My next target is to get the other side done so that the whole roof is fully weather tight before the October school holiday 😉

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