Brussels – business trip

This is my first business trip after the summer vacation break – I am attending a meeting at the Cisco Brussels office. It was a very interesting couple of days – but unfortunately I was not able to take many photos – work routing too busy! In any case I was able to take two photos which are posted below. The first one is one of the buildings of the Cisco office complex.

Here is the hotel I stayed in which is very conveniently situated right next to the Cisco – so it was nice being able to walk to work in the morning! Both of these photos were taken from the same spot so you can get an impression how close the two building are.

Unfotrunately, this was to be the first trip where I was to secumb to a tummy bug!!! I think that it was something that I eat as one two others in the group were also affected. So not the best thing to remember this trip by!! I had to spend the second evening in my hotel room drinking nothing but H2O- not a nice feeling at all! However, these things pass and all will be well again. Today I am traveling home – still not feeling 100% – but will get there I am sure!!!!