Model Boat Show – Duthie Park 15th July 2007

This was a really special occasion when we went to the boating pond at Duthie Park In Aberdeen. It was unfortunate that due to another commitment we were not able to be there for the start of the ‘show’. But have a look at the photo below which shows three radio controlled boats which were made by the same model maker. This model maker called Jim McCurrach sadly passed away recently after a long illness. Whilst I strolled along the path around the boating pond, my thoughts went back to the one and only previous occasion when I had been there to see a particular model being sailed. The model called the ‘Bairns Pride’ was the most recent completed project, I had seen on the living room table of Jim’s home some time before. It is the middle model in the photo below.

In addition to these three models Jim also took much pride in his sailing boat which is shown below.

I recall the tremendous enthusiasm that Jim had for his hobby, a close look a the detail of his work demonstrates an immense capacity for accuracy and authenticity. What a wonderful legacy to leave behind in these models which are truly works of art as well as being considerable achievements in terms of the range of craft skills needed to complete them from start to finish. Each of these models has now been passed on to various members of his family who are now keen to continue to sail them from time to time. I am sure that in doing this they will remember him in a special way.

Of course we cannot place too much emphasis on these material things because we know that Jim, the person, will be missed greatly particularly by his widow, children and grandchildren. But he will also be missed by all the people he touched throughout his life and am sure that the members of the Aberdeen Model Boat community are only one such group.

Although I did not know Jim for a very long time I will always associate his memory with these model boats and recall the few occasions when I was privileged to spend just a short time in his presence and know the warmth of his personality.

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