Still More snow in Kemnay

When will this stop? It is now one week since the first snow fell in Kemnay! In that time it has snowed continuiously and it has been a constant job to keep the roads and paths clear! I have been keeping track of the snow depth and this morning we had 20″ or approximately .5 Meter!

This is definitely unprecendented and it would seem that there is more to come!!! The virew from my study window remains much the same except that the view if becoming more restricted due to the build up of snow on our conservatory rood which is right in front of my window!

children as of course having a great time since Schools have been completely closed down for the last few days!

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More and More snow in Kemnay!!!!!

This is quite remarkable! It is some seven days since I posted to announce the first snow in Kemnay for this winter. But it is remarkable that since then the snow has been added to each day to the point that it is no longer amusing!!! There is no sign of a thaw setting in either!!!! I have now lost track of how many times I have cleared a path to out back gate and the car has not be out of the garage during this time. I have published a number of photos through facebook which you can see by clicking on the link below ( you need a facebook account to view)!/photo.php?id=627696038&pid=6116093&fbid=461582606038

When will this all stop? This is so unusual – I can reflect back to last year when the show started on the 14th of December and lasted till about March. That was during the period when I was doing construction work on my garage. Thankfully the snow then was not as bad as it is this year!!! How long will this last? Who knows, but it really does seem like its going to say around for some time to come! Lets hope that the weather takes a turn by the weekend! I hope to make it over to Inverurie to get some winter tyres fitted to car to day. This is also a first!!

We should also spare a thought for people who are stranded at home and unable to get to work etc. Having an occassional “snow day” is one thing but what we are experiencing now is certain unique in my memory!