Flash Flood in Keswick – not good!!!!!

We just had a down pour in Keswick – you always expect rain in Keswick but this was quite exceptional!!! The amount of rain coupled with the fact that this site has no drainage which is effective is a bit of a problem – see first picture below where you can see that the water simply stays there in great puddles. The puddles extend onto the areas of the site where people camp – which is tolerable if you have a caravan – but definitely not good if you sleep at ground level!!!!

Here is our tent after the down pour! No leaks through the roof but the water table has rising to include the front section of our tent! The puddle you see outside extends inside too!!!! We do have a tarp covering the ground which is effectively floating above the water ;-(

See me below in mop-up mode!!!! Nothing else for it but to get down on one’s hands and knees with a cloth and pan to sponge up the water and then to de-cant it out site – away from the tent!!!

As you can see our trailer tent is designed so that the sleeping area is over the trailer part which means that you are well above the water level where it really matters!!!!! Here Mary and Abbie are remaining up there and keeping their feet and paws dry 😉