Autumn Colours – Kemnay

Just wanted to share a couple of very nice photos from Kemnay in Scotland. The trees colours around here are simple spectacular at the moment. We have had little wind since the trees started to change so the display this year is excellent!

First an evening shot taken just as the sun was setting. This taken on Saturday evening before we changed back to GMT!

The following picture taken from my study window shows the same tree as in the previous photo but with the autumn sun shinning on it. I have posted photos of this tree in previous year too. It is ofter one of the first to change colour.

Beautiful morning in Kemnay

Just back from walking the dog – beautiful morning in Kemnay, warm and sunny with blue skies 😉 How many more mornings like this will we see before the Autumn kicks in proper.

Kind of special day today has the following time in it 09:09 09/09/09. So I am trying to make this post a close to this time as possible 😉

The following photo shows the orange/red colours of the first one to start to taking on its autumn colours.