Social Networking extended to the world of Pooch

I have made a couple of posts in the past about the new additions to our family – Abbie and Hollie – the dogs!!!

I was very interested to read an email from Bill StArnaud who usually writes about developments in high speed networking. In any case have look at the following web site

click here

Where you can read more about a new development in social networking for dogs! Basically the idea is that the dog is equipped with an electronic tag which stores information about the dog and has the ability to link up with and exchange information about the other dog and of course its owner etc……

I expect that there is some form of network technology at play here – no mention of the safety of the device or the dangers of radio waves etc. to the dogs that wear the device 😉

This made me chuckle – of course as with all new ideas it will need to catch on and be distributed to a high enough proportion of the pooch population before it will start to generate significant outputs. This device seems to attach to the dogs collar!

Of course any good dog owner will not be letting his/her pooch out unattended so it is likely that it will be possible for the owners to check the credentials of other dogs and their owners when the return back to base after the mandatory evening constitutional.

I don’t think we will be rushing out to purchase one of these for our kaynine friends 😉