Elephant on the street at Peterhead

Well I never though that I would see this – but when walking up the street in the Peterhead shopping centre I saw an Elephant walking around!!!! Here is the proof!

Now I expect that you would think that this is not a real elephant! You would be right of course – is my brother in law – Iain getting up to some antics as part of a promotional activity. We did not find out what was being promoted tho ;-). Also in the photo are Fiona (my daughter) and Hollie (her dog).

I was also able to record a short video of his antics which can be viewed on YouTube – see below 😉

One thought on “Elephant on the street at Peterhead”

  1. Fiona’s dog looks VERY suspicious of this strange creature beside it! (and I don’t mean Fiona)

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