Education Fast Forward Debate – number 4

A very stimulating EFF debate about Innovation, Learning and Uncertainty  took place on 18th April 2012. The event was hosted by Cisco at 15 of its Telepresence rooms and on this occassion included one external room at the University of Virgina.

The debate was organised by Education Fast Forward which aims to bring together global experts and change experts from around the world to discuss the topics that matter most.

The event was simultainiously broadcast by Cisco TV on a channel where the recording will be available for viewing again soon.  The recoding was published overnight on 24th March  and can be viewed here

There was in parallel a very busy Twitter conversation which has been archived for viewing here.

Tony Parkin was responisible for posting tweets about the event as it proceeded and he kindly provided  the above Storify archive of the twitter activity for the last 90 minutes of the event.

I was most intersting to see how the debate continued into the evening on twitter long after the formal session (lasting 2 hours) had ended.  Much of the conversation in Twitter centred around the use of games in the classroom.

It seems to me that a great deal of great work was done in Scotland led by Derek Robertson (he was listening in and commented on Twitter) through his work at the Consolarium which was setup at Education Scotland ( Learning and teaching Scotland at the time).  For those interested in “games based learning” the linked site above is definitley  worth a browse.  The Consolarium led by Derek was a real hotbed of innovation – but seems to have been constrained somewhat recently.

The next EFF debate is scheduled to take place on the 10th July 2012 with the topic “Peace one day” so do keep an eye on the EFF web page for updates about the topic and precise timing.



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