Fish Tank in Baku

Yes a fish tank in a meeting room 😉

Thought I would make this post especially for my son Philip how has in interest in fish!!. For the last two days I have been working in a room which had as one of its walls a big fish tank. You could actually see right through the tank to the stairwell at the other side! The tank stands about 1 meter tall and about 2.5 meters long. It is as thick as the wall is!!!

Certainly a very pleasant thing to have in a meeting room. It provides a suitable distraction at points when the meeting pauses!

Think it would be a good idea to incorporate one of these in to an ideal house design!

One thought on “Fish Tank in Baku”

  1. now thats what im talking about! haha

    can we have 1 of those in the wall between my room and the study?! It will relax u dad! u know u want to ! hah

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