Medical Emergency Update

Well its been a long day. Philip has, after a very long wait, been to theatre and had his hand repaired. Now able to move all fingers which is a great relief. Will update again tomorrow when we have spoken to the hospital staff. Here he is waiting to go for the op. As you can see he is looking none too chuffed 😉

Don’t look below if you are at all squeamish!!!!! The picture above does not really convey the seriousness of the injury – but the following picture certainly does! This one was taken with a mobile phone when the hand was being examined by the plastic surgeon.

2 thoughts on “Medical Emergency Update”

  1. Yes it certainly was by all accounts. However I hear that it starting to heal up so getting better as this week has progressed. I will see the patient tonight when I get home…. and might post an update after that! Apparently he has some 15 stitches!

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