Sea Princess Returns San Francisco

Having watched the Sea Princess leaving San Fransisco 10 days ago we decided to do same as she arrived back. The map below is taken form the web site which shows the current position of commercial ships around the world. The Sea Princess is represented by the blue arrow pointing towards the Golden Gate bridge.

The next picture in the sequence is taken from the ships Bridge WebCam and you can just see the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance.

Getting closer and the bridges south tower is clearly seen and also a freight carries just inside the bay.

Now just about the pass under the bridge.

Now we shift angles to the Fishermans Warf Web Cam. Here you can see the Sea Princess passing along the bay towards her birth.

Closer view from Fishermans Warf!

Even closer still!!!! Can you see the Smiths waving from the top deck????

And finally we see the view from the ships Bridge Cam. The ship will lye here for a few hours, swap of its passengers and then set sail on its next voyage!

The end of a memorable holiday I am sure! Perhaps we can get the Smith family to add a comment here.

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