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Today I am heading back home to good old bonnies Scotland. This has been a relatively long trip so I am thinking long to get home again ( thinking about a song which reminds me of home – The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen…….. lyrics availble click here).

Yesterday, I travelled from San Francisco to San Jose to participate in an Executive Briefing event. This is where some key decision makers from a company or organisation travel to Cisco’s Exective Briefing Center in San Jose to listen to some presentations about new technology developments.

I was one of four presenters and this is the first time I have done an event like this at Cisco’s main Headquarters. Cisco occupies a number of buildings which are spread along Tasmin Drive. We travelled there to arrive in time for breakfast and also to transport our customers so it was a relatively early start ( we needed to be in San Jose for 7.30am to have breakfast).

The photo above shows the sun rising just as we left San Francisco having passed under the Bay Bridge.

This has been a long but enjoyable trip – I will look forward my next trip when I hope to manage my time to make it possible to do two things which were not possible between business commitments this time around – ride on a San Francisco Tram and also visit Alcatraz. The later was my objective this time – but it seems that you need to book that a few days in advance which made it impossible this time around.

At the moment I am spending some time at San Francisco International airport waiting for my flight departure time. Oh the joys of international travel 😉

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