Soup and bread a new approach ;-)

During a recent business trip to Bratislava I was able to sample a local variation on a very common meal back home. Soup and bread!!!! In Slovakia the natives are very keen on their bread. I was keen to taste the local bread of course but did not expect it to be served as it was! Basically the soup was served in the bread see below! You can access my online photo album which has a few additional photos from Bratislava here

2 thoughts on “Soup and bread a new approach ;-)”

  1. Hi Jim hope you are enjoying work and travelling around eastern Europe. Keep blogging about your travels. Any chance you will be in Lithuania or even Belarus?
    Glow is going well.. I am in Inverurie and Ellon next week for mentor training.
    best wishes

  2. Hi Martin,

    Good to hear from you. There is a project I am involved in from that part of the world so there is a chance I might visit there some time in the future.

    Glad to hear that Aberdeenshire is progressing with its Glow mentor training. I do have a vested interest in this area since I live in that area!

    Work in the new job has been very interesting so far.

    All the best to you and of course Glow.

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